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Harness the power of the cloud

Enable business innovation with the agility, scalability, and performance that cloud infrastructure allows.

Cloud Consulting

Whether your business is new to the cloud or your strategy is well progressed, HBF Cloud Consulting can help you optimise your IT environment to take full advantage. Get expert advice across public, private or hybrid options to help you choose the right cloud environment for your business.

HBF can also help you assess your cloud readiness, identify applications and workloads for migration and minimise transition risk. This all means less infrastructure considerations and management for your business, and more time to focus on core activities.

Cloud strategy and road-map

HBF Cloud Consulting will work with you to assess your business’ cloud readiness, defining a strategy and road-map to help you extract maximum value from your cloud solution. We’ll work with you to plan your migration, assess your workloads and identify key applications to migrate first, all while minimising the transition risk.

Optimised performance

With HBF Cloud Consulting, you’ll get expert advice on how to optimise the performance of your current or future cloud solution to support your desired outcomes. Your business will also benefit from on time and on budget delivery and faster time-to-operation.