Contact Centre Services

Let our team of contact centre professionals leverage HBF’s experience and resources to help your business define a specific contact centre strategy and implementation roadmap.


HBF’s Contact Centre Services team provides expert advice and consulting services to enterprise and government organisations – helping them to meet their contact centre business objectives.

The team spends time with your business to gain an understanding of your operations, then provides expert assistance to optimise the use of your customer contact environment. The period of consultation is dependant on the scope of work.

With Contact Centre Services your business can:

  • Focus on business solutions, not products – contact Centre Services provide strategic advice, not products
  • Optimise your contact centre environment – our expert team helps you develop a strategic plan for your contact centre
  • Realise the benefit of contact centre change – a consulting engagement can help your organisation streamline business processes and expenditure. 


Business solutions, not products

Our Contact Centre Services team use their industry experience to provide organisations with a strategic roadmap of tailored solutions. Enterprise and government organisations use these reports when going-to-market to deploy the solutions.

Contact Centre Services look at the following issues:

  • Customer interaction processes
  • Evolving customer expectations
  • Customer experience benchmarks
  • Legacy infrastructure and consolidating existing resources

Better use of resources and infrastructure
The Contact Centre Services teams’ vast experience is a major advantage when seeking to implement complex solutions that directly impact an organisation’s customers. Contact Centre Services can work with your business to determine the best possible implementation of contact centre solutions, while aiding consolidation with existing resources and infrastructure.

A trusted advisor
HBF has extensive experience designing and implementing information communications technology solutions (ICT), we can help you determine the right contact centre solution – enabling employees to work securely and quickly from any client location.


Strategic Consulting Engagements

Strategic consultations typically run over six to 12 weeks, depending on the scope of the study. They focus on the following key areas:

  • Contact centre strategy
  • Financial performance
  • Customer-centric servicing
  • Operational performance
  • Organisational performance

Tactical Consultancy Engagements

Tactical consultations typically run for a shorter duration of one to three weeks and focus on a particular issue or area for improvement. At times, a tactical study may also reveal the need for a broader analysis in order to offer a more comprehensive solution.

This engagement typically follows the following steps:

  • Define background material required
  • Perform offsite analysis of background material
  • Onsite review and validation
  • Onsite staff interviews, discussions and observation
  • Document and present findings


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